Who are you and what do you do?
Plastic Whale is a social enterprise with a mission - we want plastic-free waters. Worldwide. We achieve this by showing others that economic value can be created from plastic waste, involving as many people and businesses as possible within the pillars: We Collect, We Create, We Educate.


What are you offering for the B Night?
Help make Amsterdam’s canals plastic-free with the first plastic fishing company in the world! Plastic fishing has become a very popular activity in Amsterdam. More than 20.000 people have already gone plastic fishing with us. Want to be involved in our mission too? Jump aboard and come plastic fishing with us!

The plastic we collect is recycled into furniture and more boats—the same kind of boat we’ll use on our outing.

Where are you? Landingstage, Hanneke’s Boom Adres: Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam
What time should I arrive? The plastic fishing will take place from 17:30 till 19:30
How do I register my interest? On the Summit App!
How many spots are available? 25